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January 18, 2018  

22: Zach Brandon- Mental Conditioning Coach, IMG Academy (FL)

January 18, 2018
  • Our approach to teaching a new skill is education, application and support. We start with why its important, then we apply it to practice and then from there we figure out what works and what doesn’t for each kid.
  • We say the breath is the MVP of the mental game. We spend a lot of time on teaching it.
  • a concept that Ken Ravizza and Tom Hansen discuss.
    1. Learn it
    2. Do it
    3. Own it
      We invest a lot of time learning it, but can we actually practice the skills? We need to create a practice environment that does that.
  • Theres a difference between a jungle tiger and a zoo tiger. Whats the life of a zoo tiger like? Spoon-fed, easy and comfortable. What’s life like in the jungle? Its stressful and your survival is on the line. Now lets compare it to baseball, which one is practice and which one is the game? We need to be able to create more jungle tigers and put our players in stressful situations.
  • There’s a lot of time to think in baseball. Your mind can be your best friend of your work enemy. It can be a weapon or a weakness. 
  • In order to get behavior change, we have to get repetition and progression of skills. If I’m a coach and I do session in the classroom once a week, thats better than nothing. In that setting we expect the players to transfer those skills over to the field. If we only do those sessions in the classroom, we’re going to be setup for disappointment. 

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