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November 29, 2018  

Ryan Chapman- Owner/ Director Of Player Development, Chapman Baseball Compound (CA)

November 29, 2018

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In this episode, I talk with Ryan Chapman, professional baseball player turned Coach. Ryan focuses on helping players reach their full baseball potential at the Chapman Baseball Compound. He observes, supports, and trains baseball players while imparting his professional expertise.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Ryan Chapman, professional baseball player who is now sharing his passion and helping others as a Coach
  • How Ryan became a baseball coach
  • When Ryan got drafted and his experience in pro-ball
  • Why the pro-ball journey was more important than the destination for Ryan
  • Why Ryan quit pro-ball to pursue helping others
  • How the Chapman baseball compound is different from other training centers
  • Why Ryan spends the first day of his training observing and learning about the players
  • How Ryan structures his hitting and pitching programs
  • How coaches can fix common and technical players in problems
  • Why consistency over the season is important
  • Why issues are not with hitting and pitching but rather movement
  • How mobility tests can be a good tool for players
  • How are offseason and season training are different
  • How training in the weight room changes from off-season to season playing
  • How technology can make a difference in a players game
  • Why one metric isn't more important than another
  • Techniques that build a better pitcher
  • Why it is important to expose players to varying situations
  • Dynamic vision training is on the horizon

3 Key Points:

  •     Ryan played professional baseball but now he is leveraging what he knows to help others as a coach.
  •    Movement and mobility are important pieces of improving hitting and pitching, more-so than specific techniques.
  •   It is important to practice on-field techniques more-so than sprints and weight training. Though holistically, they are important. It is more important to be able to hit the ball.

Tweetable Quotes:

-       “So in my opinion, a lot of movement issues aren't so much swing issues or pitching issues, they are overall just movement issues.” – Ryan.

-       “There is no true offseason.” – Ryan.

-       “We're definitely striving to make sure that we're we're challenging them and making it a fun environment at the same time.¨–Ryan

-       “So, you know, we only know what we know. And it's up to us to be able to better ourselves.¨–Ryan

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