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August 11, 2019  

Kevin Davidson- Owner/Founder of BaseballCloud

August 11, 2019





During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed Kevin Davidson, CEO of BaseballCloud. Kevin discusses how BaseballCloud was developed, the problems that it solves, and how data in baseball is not only beneficial, but Kevin also shares the ways in which the game has embraced data. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • How did Kevin Davidson get involved in BaseballCloud?   
  • What does BaseballCloud provide to users? 
  • Baseball doesn’t get enough credit for being a fast adapter to data. 
  • What was Kevin process for finding the right team to develop BaseballCloud? 
  • What made Kevin realize that BaseballCloud could fill a void? 
  • How are teams using data? 
  • What is Kevin’s advice for amateur teams using affordable options? 
  • How far back does BaseballCloud capture data on players? 
  • What different routes can you go in with data as a player? 
  • Have players been intellectually curious about their personal data? 
  • How many schools is BaseballCloud working with right now? 

3 Key Points:

  1. BaseballCloud is integrating players with data. 
  2. BaseballCloud has data going back five or six years of game data on many different baseball clubs on different devices. 
  3. As BaseballCloud is capturing data on players, they see the data that represents their performance and go back and see historically where success has been found with that data. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I’m not your prototypical data guy. That’s for sure.” – Kevin Davidson (01:24)
  • “Essentially, I owe Wes Johnson the core credit for the evolution of BaseballCloud.” – Kevin Davidson (04:43)
  • “What if I created a centralized software system that takes all this data from all of these different sources and automates it, filters it, consolidates it, and turns it into visuals?” – Kevin Davidson (3:45)
  • “I blame the disconnect between the old school and the new school on the selling of it by the new school guys. The new school guys do a poor job of selling what data really is.” – Kevin Davidson (5:29)
  • “Data is not a philosophy. Data is just a result of a philosophy.” – Kevin Davidson (5:59)
  • “Which set of data produces the most optimum results? That’s all that is really happening and that is where data becomes valuable, once you understand, ‘hey, what did I do to create that result?’” – Kevin Davidson (6:35)
  • “I knew that if we just put together some quality visuals and allow the data to interact with each other and tell the story, we were going to be on the right path...and so far so good.” – Kevin Davidson (17:06)
  • “One of the things that we really take a lot of pride in is our database of data. We have one of the largest databases of amateur data in the United States.” – Kevin Davidson (18:17)

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