Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

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February 8, 2018  

25: Josh Heenan- President of Advanced Therapy & Performance Integrated Medicine + Strength Coach

February 8, 2018


  • Our guys that are elite, whether thats pro/college, we can give them a 5 oz ball or a 14 oz ball, and they have the same arm mechanics every time. That allows us to see the repeatable mechanics.
  • I think its important to make this distinction. We are building athletes that happen to play baseball, we’re not building just baseball players
  • If we view our athlete their own unique being, then I think thats where we get really good results and really quickly.
  • If you dont have any movement restrictions and you can hit all of the metrics of the 90 MPH formula wit h quality form you are exponentially less likely for injury and exponentially more likely to throw 90 
  • I think as a coach we can all agree that 2 of our goals are, how can we keep everyone healthy and how can we win a ton of games. 
  • As far as in season lifts go, we lift heavy. We do a lot of 3x3. They get volume of work from playing, so we challenge them with power and get them out so they can go home and eat and recover.