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August 9, 2018  

47: JL Buchanan- Hitting Coach, Taft College (CA)

August 9, 2018
  • (on hitters) We need more guys that use the big parts of their body and use their stride foot with a purpose
  • Hitters have to test themselves and challenge themselves daily. That's what it takes to get better 
  • Sometimes hitters get caught up in the results from the weekend and, as a coach, i'm focusing more on on where they'll be in a few months.
  • We start every batting practice with gap to gap rounds. I don't want them trying to push balls oppo if I throw the ball inside
  • One of the ways we win games is by raising pitch counts early
  • I see a lot of programs that are training players to win games. But I want our players to excel at the next level.
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