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April 4, 2019  

Cage Work with Doug Latta and Craig Hyatt Ep. 1

April 4, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Craig Hyatt, the Hitting Coach at East Valley High School in Yakima Washington and Doug Latta a hitting trainer from Bally Yard based in Northridge California. Craig and Doug have an informative discussion about how to perfect batting swings through balance, posture, vision, timing, coverage, and body awareness. Learn how to identify and break the cycle of flaws that hitters often carry along into their careers if not stopped early on.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Craig Hyatt, Baseball Coach and Doug Latta,

  • What is Craig Hyatt’s training currently focusing on

  • Doug Latta has been working on trying to match posture with control

  • You don’t really need a lot of space to hit the ball

  • How can you determine when your posture breaks

  • What does it take to create a hitter with body awareness and balance

  • What are some of the problems that hitters face

  • Get awareness of your body along with your swing

  • 90% of what you do as a hitter is not swinging, but preparing to swing

  • Hitters are losing coverage and time through body moves that they think are strong

  • If your shoulders are up you are out of your legs and are shoulder-driven

  • Tennis is a better overlay than golf for how your body should swing a baseball bat

  • A good swing should feel effortless without the body grinding

  • The bat will do what your body does

  • At some point your repeated flaws will bring your game to a grueling halt

  • Even the best are always working on their game

  • With the right dynamics you can put your full body weight into your swing

  • Pitch recognition is important to technique

  • You want your heels down as long as they can be during your swing

3 Key Points:

  1.  If you throw a baseball slow motion you control it with the back leg.

  2.  When the brain is off balance it fires muscles against what the body is trying to do.

  3.  Many of the big league problems with hitters come from timing of their swing.

 Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We are really trying to concentrate on doing a good forward move...but finding out the muscles that really achieve that move so we can control it.” - Craig Hyatt (00:22)

  • “We’ve got to try to match our alignment, our posture, on the move at the same time.” - Doug Latta (03:24)

  • “Some hitters are great enough to survive flaws. Well, 99.99% of the people aren’t going to.” - Craig Hyatt (4:51)

  • “Our move to 50-50 is a lot easier if I’m in balance and my posture holds.” - Craig Hyatt (6:38)

  • “The minute my posture breaks a little bit, lots of things go wrong.” - Craig Hyatt (6:45)

  • “If you can create a hitter that has total body awareness, but they know what move and what muscles is going to get them to that spot, you can create consistency over a long period of time.” - Doug Latta (9:38)

  • “There is game time, and game time in adjustments.“ - Craig Hyatt (11:05)

  • “I want to hit through every pitch I see.” - Craig Hyatt (24:08)

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