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May 2, 2019  

Marty Smith- Head Baseball Coach, The College of Central Florida

May 2, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Marty Smith, the Head Baseball Coach for the Central Florida Patriots at the College of Central Florida. Marty Smith is overflowing with essential experience, going into his 25th season, and having won two FCSAA state championships, rewarded twice as FCSAA Coach of the Year, and is also a five-time Mid-Florida Conference Coach of the Year. Gain some applicable training advice, ways to personalize methods to players, and what it takes to shape a successful team culture.


Show Notes:

  • Guest: Marty Smith, Head Baseball Coach at the College of Central Florida

  • What has Marty Smith’s career in baseball consisted of

  • How has Marty put his training team together

  • What are some intentional things that Marty Smith has done to built the team culture?

  • What are the expectations that Marty has for his players

  • How does his fall training structure look

  • Marty gives players the chance to eat during practice

  • How are players trained to address individual issues

  • What numbers are they tracking for their players to monitor success

  • How is his typical spring training program look

  • Which baseball machines does Marty Smith utilize for his team

  • What machine did Barry Bonds use that Coach Smith has learned from

  • What advice would Marty Smith give to his younger self and current coaches

  • Dive into useful Twitter feeds and keep reading about strategies to get better

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes...and learn from those mistakes

  • “The Performance Cortex” is a heavy book that Marty Smith is reading now

  • What are the training drills that Coach Smith’s players love


3 Key Points:

  1.  Establish the work ethic, credibility and respect that will last beyond your time on the team.

  2.  If you had a bad game, let your team know that it wasn’t because you didn’t work hard.

  3.  Be a coach for the love of the game and keep making yourself valuable.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Last year, breaking our records for home runs, it was crazy. We hit 95 home runs in 46 games. Our record before that was like 55.” - Marty Smith (07:39)

  • “I’ll take the credit for being smart enough to trust my assistants.” - Marty Smith (10:22)

  • “We want our culture to be a happy, content, smiling fun group to be around that want to play for each other, whether we win or lose.” - Marty Smith (11:21)

  • “When you’re winning and your hitting home runs, and all of your guys are 90+ throwing. And you know that they’ve developed and have gotten better, and they are going to go to good schools from here. That’s kind of the culture we want.” - Marty Smith (12:08)

  • “Be on time. Go to class. Work hard. Lift hard. Be a good guy.” - Marty Smith (14:58)

  • “There is a fine line between killing your confidence and getting some confidence.” - Marty Smith (38:18)

  • “You can move up by being a smart guy, and being a nerd, and getting jobs in pro ball because you know things that other guys don’t.“ - Marty Smith (41:11)

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