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March 28, 2019  

Jeff Sherman- Head Baseball Coach, Marcus HS (TX)

March 28, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Jeff Sherman, the  Head Coach of baseball at Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas. In our discussion, Jeff Sherman imparts the wisdom he has accumulated over his seven years at Marcus, methods of addressing deficiencies in players, and preparing players for real game scenarios. Coach Sherman also focuses how to turn players into productive citizens to excel beyond the game itself.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Jeff Sherman, Head Coach for baseball at Marcus High Schoo

  • Four years of being a financial planner prepped Jeff Sherman for baseball coaching

  • Sherman’s fall training plan improves movement, cognitive abilities, flexibility, and team mentality

  • People scout you. People know your deficiencies. People don’t like you.

  • Learn how to respond in a “jungle mentality” to evolve out of the safe, controlled “zoo mentality”

  • The pitcher/batter confrontation in baseball has a clear winner/loser dynamic to see who lets their team down

  • “The Pack” is family, unity, selflessness, and serving others

  • A young cancer patient watches the team place to gain strength and hope

  • Serving the community teaches the team that life is bigger than baseball

  • The culture of Marcus baseball is building strong relationships with others

  • If kids are struggling at something, make it harder for them

  • Coach Sherman handles the hitting and infield work for personal development training

  • Recreate the movement that will happen in a real game

  • Games are lost, not won, based on base running

  • Half hour movement and hitting training feature drag bunting, infield, outfield, and hitting the center of the baseball

  • Batting practice includes power ground balls, line drives up the middle, and batting cages

  • Lay out and getting dirty creates a strong live game mentality

  • Data helps track pitching and hitting

  • Be honest with players and don’t mislead them

  • Self-motivation declines when you aren’t playing

  • Parents are a huge part of what makes a coach successful with their players

  • All sports have about 5 million unpaid coaches, 2 million each year of which are new

  • “Development night” every Thursday sharpens up players and coaches

  • You live once, what will be your impact?

3 Key Points:

  1.    Experiment, always be learning, and understand what failure is.

  2.  “Jungle mentality” is understanding how to respond and survive compared to “zoo mentality” of a controlled environment.

  3.  When you work hard and give all you've got, you are always a winner.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Failure is something that we want them to experience.” - Jeff Sherman (4:04)

  • “For my guys, its a win or a loss.” - Jeff Sherman (10:53)

  • “There is something very, very cool about watching a pitcher and a hitter. That’s like awesome watching that battle between the two, because, there is a winner and a loser.” - Jeff Sherman (14:59)

  • “I want them to be bold leaders and speak up when things aren’t right, and serve others.” - Jeff Sherman (18:35)

  • “It’s not about you, it’s about the relationships that you build with others.” - Jeff Sherman (20:53)

  • “I always thought a negative plus a negative equals a positive.” - Jeff Sherman (23:02)

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