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March 21, 2019  

Dave Coggin- Former Major League Baseball player, current owner of Performance Fitness for Athletes (CA)

March 21, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Dave Coggin, former Major League Baseball player, author, and owner of PFA Fitness. Dave Coggin talks about the best practices to intensify pitching and create more command over the ball. Dave also shares own his personal journey from a professional athlete, to his inspiring evolution as a performance trainer and owner of PFA Fitness.


Show Notes:

  • Guest: Dave Coggin, former Major League Baseball player, author, and owner of PFA Fitness

  • How did Dave Coggin get involved in baseball from being a three-sport athlete

  • What major league baseball teams did Dave play for

  • Where did Dave Coggin’s involvement in injury-prevention and performance stem from

  • Volunteering, even after playing professionally, opened up new opportunities for Dave

  • Arm path and mechanics are popular areas that athletes come to PFA Fitness for

  • Pitching habits need to be addressed before you can improve them

  • Understand how the body has to act to move properly

  • What are the most common problems Dave sees with arm path

  • Which examples of major league pitchers does Dave Coggin use for examples

  • Your arm is like a whip when you are pitching

  • What are the physical assessments that PFA Fitness conducts on players

  • How has PTA Fitness been intentional about building their culture

  • What is Dave’s advice to make individualized plans for pitchers

  • How do you develop velocity and command of the pitch

  • If you control intensity, you can have more volume

  • What would a typical week look like for players training with PFA Fitness

  • Find ways to keep things competitive for your players


3 Key Points:

  1.    Be humble and don’t burn any bridges because you may need to cross them in the future.

  2.  Look for flaws in pitching habits, the best arm paths, and then make up drills to improve habits.

  3.  When the elbow is right at armpit height, goes into the lay back,’ and stays in that level, that’s the sweet spot for almost effortless pitching power.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I never treated anyone differently that was either the president of a major league team, down to the club house of a Single A team.” - Dave Coggin (05:31)

  • “I don’t rarely ever talk about my resume. I just try to make sure I do what I do, the best I can do.” - Dave Coggin (09:25)

  • “The most important part that everybody kind of comes to me for is the arm path and mechanics side of things.” - Dave Coggin (11:07)

  • “I always tell these kids, 95% of your throws are not on a mound. So, 95% of your habits, good or bad, are in that place that you call your warm-up or your throwing.” - Dave Coggin (12:00)

  • “We want the efficiency to be enhanced by the athleticism.” - Dave Coggin (16:28)

  • “Success leaves clues.” - Jonathan Gelnar (1:08:33)


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