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March 7, 2019  

Reed Peters- Head Baseball Coach, San Joaquin Delta College (CA)

March 7, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Reed Peters, the head baseball coach at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California. During the course of this discussion, Reed Peters puts a strong emphasis on the importance of ‘the mental game’ of baseball. Coach Peters equips listeners with an overview of his practice drills, why focusing on the players makes you a better coach, and how to prevent past success from making your team lazy.


Show Notes:

  • Guest: Reed Peters, Head Baseball Coach at San Joaquin Delta College

  • They discuss David Smith, a former player of Reed Peter’s was also a former coach of host Jonathan Gelnar

  • Coach Peters won National Coach of the Year for the Pacific Division and the 2018 California State Championship

    • His team went from having a chip on their shoulder from losing the previous year to becoming champions

  • Players are trained in all facets of baseball so no one player is burdened with carrying the team

  • Teams will be bring their best game against you when you are coming off of success while entering a new season

  • It isn’t just about champions, it’s about reaching toward the next level of your career

  • California teams are limited to 12 hour practice weeks so Wednesday is the team’s recovery day off

    • Training days include academic study halls, mental baseball class, conditioning, throwing program, defense training, hitting, and the weight room.

    • Saturday is for playing other teams to see how they compare

  • The competitive culture is instilled by making players compete for their playing time

  • Calvin Riley, a very competitive player, was shot and killed and is used as a reminder for players to stay focused

  • After college, Reed played major league baseball with the Angles and the Giants

  • Coach and author Ken Ravizza inspired Reed on improving the mental game of baseball

  • The spring practice plan is less intense and includes, conditioning, throwing, hard dirt skill training, offense, defense, swing drills, and competitive games

  • Coach Peters would rather see a ‘live arm’ so they don’t use pitching machines on the field

  • Your career as a coach is as good as that of your players’

  • Lead with your heart and your God-given gifts--not with punishment

  • Competitive point games keep the players interested and excited

  • The biggest reward is to stay in contact with players and hear that you have been a positive influence on them

3 Key Points:

  1.     Coach Peters’ team was: 1st in runs,hits, and on-base percentage, 2nd in doubles and stolen bases, 3rd in home runs, and had an overall .315 batting average.

  2.  Every year the players have to invent their own mission statement to have something to hold each other accountable to.

  3.   Realizing his success is based on his players’ success and having positive relationships with them made Reed Peters a better coach.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I think we ended up having, I think, nine guys move on to Division 1 schools.” - Reed Peters (1:13)

  • “Whatever our opponent gives us, we have to be able to take advantage of.” - Reed Peters (3:32)

  • “Our philosophy is ‘pass the baton.’ No guy has to carry the team.” - Reed Peters (3:58)

  • “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” - Reed Peters (4:43)

  • “We make no promises to anybody. All we are going to promise to them is that they are going to have to compete, and fight for a job and fight for their playing time.” - Reed Peters (9:03)

  • “I think what we do more than anybody else is really focus on the mental game.” - Reed Peters (12:46)


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