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February 28, 2019  

Chan Brown- Head Baseball Coach, Parkview HS (GA)

February 28, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Chan Brown, a coach with 24 years of experience, currently working in Lilburn, Georgia as the Parkview High School head baseball Coach, physical education teacher, and the 15u Team USA coach. During our discussion, Chan Brown walks us through his typical summer and fall training practice procedures, and how things change once the team is formed. Coach Brown graciously gives plenty of useful advice to not just help shape fantastic players, but to make great people out of the young guys he trains.


Show Notes:

  • Guest: Chan Brown, Parkview High School Head Baseball Coach, Physical Education Teacher, 15u Team USA Coach

  • What made Chan Brown’s championship-winning team so special

    • Eight seniors went on to college

    • They had the pressure of being number two in the nation and number 1 in the state

    • They lost about five games by mid-season and came together after that

    • The team had a meeting that included motivational quotes, let kids speak their minds, and got the team unified on the same page

    • Some of the seniors moved on from the team with two rings

  • What did Coach Brown’s team cover in training during the summer and fall of 2018

    • He has every baseball player also in the Advanced Fitness class that he teaches

    • Summer ball is played by the players before the fall

    • June summer ball is every Tuesday and Wednesday in June, with two hours on the field and one hour in the gym

    • July summer ball is optional and from August to September is an hour and a half of weight lifting each session

    • September training has pool workouts and push outs for three days a  week.

    • October-January is two days a week of speed and agility training.

    • The monday after Thanksgiving is throwing training and they start the bullpen the day after Christmas

    • Tryouts begin in January

  • Coach Brown is only the second coach in the 44 years of the Parkview High School team

  • Success of their baseball team is an expectation in the local community

  • Kids can train as young as 6-years old at Parkview with the same standards

  • Be a good person on and off the field

  • The team motto is going to be “Love. Loyalty. Leadership”

  • Parkview baseball does a player packet with a player contract, the county drug and alcohol policy, and even how to talk to the media

  • All three teams have a chance to practice together to keep the competitive edge strong

  • Game simulations and scrimmages are played in a competitive environment

  • Tryouts for junior varsity and varsity baseball teams are Monday-Thursday

  • Between the three teams there are 56 players and JV and varsity there are six coaches.

  • Fundraising ranges from everything from golf to selling Christmas trees

  • Coach Brown handles the hitting portion of their coaching bible and a coaching duty sheet

  • The first three weeks of team practice are intense, with five hours Monday through Friday

  • Batting practice includes game simulation

  • The pitching coach keeps extensive pitching stats to have data feedback for players and coaches

  • Chan Brown shows stats three times a year

  • The ‘Huddle’ video program allows Coach Brown to share video and track how long players have watched the videos

  • Positive relationships with the players are important to Coach Brown

  • If you do what you are suppose to do, the wins will come

  • Know what your particular program is all about

  • Reading the bible, visiting Division 1 programs, and being involved with USA Baseball have been helpful resources for Coach Brown

  • 21-Outs is a baseball drill that Coach Brown’s players enjoy

  • Don’t always try to be the guy talking. Find older coaches you respect and learn from them

3 Key Points:

  1.     Coach Brown’s team has a total of seven state championships with four since 2011, and three national championships since 2012.

  2.  In this order: be a great person, be a great student, be a great teammate, and that leads to being a great player.

  3.   Don’t let the scoreboard run you and believe what your heart says.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We went on to win state, and win our third national championship since 2012.” - Chan Brown (2:51)

  • “In my opinion, if you are not in the weightroom, you aren’t getting any better.” - Chan Brown (7:04)

  • “If we don’t go to the Final Four or the state championship, honestly, it’s a letdown for our community.” - Chan Brown (11:56)

  • “The culture thing for us starts at age 6.” - Chan Brown (12:54)

  • “Do the right thing all the time.” - Chan Brown (16:56)

  • “Our first three weeks, I’m going to be as honest as honest can be, we are a marathon program. We practice from 2:30-7:30pm Monday-Friday.” - Chan Brown (36:18)

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