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February 18, 2021  

Alan Jaeger- Mastering the Mental Game

February 18, 2021
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Today we have on Alan Jaeger- founder of Jaeger sports. Alan founded Jaeger Sports on the principle that athletes need to develop both their physical and mental skills in order to be successful in game situations.
Since 1991 Alan Jaeger, as a personal trainer and consultant, has worked with over 200 professional players, including 2002 Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito, and All-Stars Dan Haren and Andrew Bailey. Alan, has also consulted with many schools and professional organizations.
Alan’s intention is to help athletes merge the “mechanics” of the Western athlete with the “insight” of the Far Eastern mind, to position athletes to best realize their potential on and off the playing field.
On the show we extensively cover all things mental game.  Including meditation, visualization, routines, self talk, and awareness. Not only do we go over the methodology behind it, Alan puts it all on the table for us with countless practical drills and scenarios that you can take to practice tomorrow.
Heres Alan Jaeger!
Time Stamps
  • 2:00- Defining the mental game
  • 11:20- What separates the good team from great teams?
  • 16:40- Where do we start?
  • 26:40- Getting players to buy in
  • 36:40- Practical Strategies to use
  • 42:40- Routines and process oriented
  • 50:30- Failure Recovery
  • 52:10- Mindfulness Plans and Breathing
  • 1:03:10- Last things