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May 23, 2019  

Nunzio Signore- Strength and Conditioning Coach, Owner of Rockland Peak Performance (NY)

May 23, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Nunzio Signore, athletic trainer, Owner of Rockland Peak Performance in Sloatsburg NY, author of the book Pitchers Arm Care, Director of the Pitching Lab and a contributing writer for such publications as Inside Pitch Magazine, Elite Baseball Performance and Stack Sports. Nunzio Signore shares his wealth of knowledge about how to properly access the needs of players during training, how to assist players with strength and velocity, and strategies to help them recover in a healthy manner.

Show Notes:

  • What made Nunzio transition from soccer to baseball

  • What is the first step that Nunzio would take to train a 16-year player

  • How does Nunzio undergo his player assessments

  • What are some of the things that most kids have problems with

  • How does the core velocity belt help players

  • What is the strength-speed continuum program

  • What will players get out of the pitching lab training

  • Which three things are the top issues that Nunzio is looking for in players

  • How does Nunzio feel about when is it right to give players time off

  • What makes up a great bullpen setting

  • Which factors bring about an unstable pitch

  • Breathing, a good night sleep, and water are fantastic for player recovery

  • What tools and strategies does Nunzio use for his assessments

  • Until velocity of a player increases, he doesn’t add more weight to a player’s weight training

  • What are the biggest new training elements that Nunzio is excited about

  • Why do Nunzio’s players love jump profiling

  • How can you make nutrition a proper part of their training

  • Which resources does Nunzio recommend

3 Key Points:

  1. Everyone should sequence their pelvis, thorax, elbow extension, and shoulder internal rotation.

  2. The pitch lab aims to produce the complete pitcher by merging pitching inside the nets and strength training.

  3. Instead of paying for showcases, pay to develop yourself as a player.


Tweetable Quotes:

-        “People are hungry out there to make sure the kids stay safe and we can increase velocity and command and control safely.” – Nunzio Signore (1:49)

-        “The assessment in our facility, that’s the cornerstone of what we do at RPP. I honestly believe that it’s the way to create a blueprint for an athlete.” – Nunzio Signore (3:01)

-        “You don’t want to add strength to disfunction.” – Nunzio Signore (4:57)

-        “If you can feel it, you can do it.” – Nunzio Signore (9:09)

-        “I just don’t ever think that we should get out of the pattern of throwing.” – Nunzio Signore (24:51)

-        “Don’t take mechanical solutions to athleticism problems.” – Nunzio Signore (33:35)

-        “I don’t really believe in trying to get rid of soreness by running. I don’t really feel like running for a pitcher is something that we would do at all.” – Nunzio Signore (35:54)

-        “My recovery for my athletes is breathing.” – Nunzio Signore (36:17)

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