Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

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April 26, 2018  

Dr. Stephen Osterer- Chiropractor and Strength Coach, Co-Founder of Baseball Development Group (Toronto)

April 26, 2018


  • You can get away with throwing year round as long as we’re managing how much throwing we’re actually doing.
  • I take the vantage point of pitchers being a lot less fragile than we give them credit for.
  • One thing we focus on more is quantifying and qualifying range of motion.
  • Its fairly easy to gain strength but a lot of people don’t fully appreciate how difficult it is to make changes in range of motion.
  • At the end of the day we’re creating more movement options for hitting/pitching coaches to use during skill acquisition.
  • There are some things we need to look at more with a critical lens. 
  • Just because it works for a specific individual doesn’t mean we need to throw everything at everyone.
  • Whats the purpose, whats the rationale, why are we doing this and is it doing what we intended it to do?
  • I used to throw everything at everyone because someone was doing it and saying it worked. I think we can be better than that.
  • How we recover in season should be significantly different than how we recover in the offseason



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