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February 14, 2019  

Dominic Robinson- Former NFL Player (Rams), Founder/Director of 3D Sports Performance

February 14, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Dominic Robinson, experienced coach, mentor, and Founder/Director of 3D Sports Performance and 3D Gold athletics. During the discussion, Dominic dives into his past experience playing baseball and football at Florida State University, and NFL professional football for the St. Louis Rams. Also, the jewels of knowledge he has learned from playing for some of the worlds best coaches like Mike Martin and Bobby Bowden, and how 3D Sports Performance can bring out the best in young athletes.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Dominic Robinson, past football and baseball player, coach, mentor, and Founder/Director of 3D Sports Performance and 3D Gold


  • Dominic fell in love with baseball as an adult


  • He loved basketball growing up and played football professionally

    • Played football at Florida State University and the St. Louis Rams
    • Played for some of the greatest coaches ever



  • Football player Marc Bulger raised the bar for excellence by wanting passes to hit their intended target, even on successful completions

    • Pay attention to details that matter


  • 3D Sports Performance

    • Dominic began training athletes about 10 years ago
    • Speed training isn’t all he has to offer
    • 3D Sports Performance grew into a baseball program
    • Each training season has a sub-season for preparation for 3D Sports Performance athletes.
    • Identify: When did an athlete finish? When are they starting back up? When do they need to be their best?


  • Why go to athletic showcases if you have nothing prepared to showcase?


  • Warm-Ups

    • The warm-up, before the weight room and pre-practice, is a place where you can establish your speed development program, flexibility, and mobility.
    • Have at least three distinctive warm-ups.
    • Make sure your athletes know what it is to be fully recovered


  • Advice for Coaches

    • Have athletes on the clock during sprint training
    • Sprint full speed
    • Uphill sprinting
    • Understanding recovery


  • Favorite Competitions for Training

    • Pre-game dodgeball
    • Get players thinking outside of the box with games without structural rules


  • Changes?

    • Simplifying to get players to automatic levels of movement
    • Make goals and expectations clear
    • Customize training to your players
    • Goal-setting


  • Final thoughts

    • There is no bad teaching, just bad receptions of the teachings

3 Key Points:

  1.  Being respectful to people, honoring the game, and taking care of teammates all come before winning.
  2.  Attention to detail has got to be the expectation.
  3.  The starting point for every athlete is establishing a foundation of fitness and movement.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “At one point I was ranked number one in baseball, and number four in football.” - Dominic Robinson (4:45)


  • “If we say ‘we care,’ let’s show it.” - Dominic Robinson Johnson (13:24)


  • “I’ve now got players from 17 different states, all across the country.” - Dominic Robinson (24:08)


  • “There is no ‘off-season.’ We call it the training season.” - Dominic Robinson (26:03)


  • “I couldn’t tell you how paramount I believe the warm-up is.” - Dominic Robinson (36:03)


  • “You don’t throw to warm-up, you warm-up to throw.” - Dominic Robinson (39:28)

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