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August 24, 2017  

Chris Dunn- MLB Hitting Consultant and author of “The High Performance Hitter”

August 24, 2017
  • Finding a way to create a dialogue and a way to start kids engaged in the process is the best thing you could ever do as a coach
  • When you have a good dialogue with your player, you can start to translate what their feel is and what's actually happening.
  • The best analogy of sequence I got from Jerry Brewer and that's gears in a car. 1-2-3-4, they all have a job, and first gear isn't more important than the other because it's first. But what is the role of each and how do they work together?
  • "Every hitter feels things differently and there's no wrong feel. When you watch Pujols talk about what he feels, it's totally different than what he does in his game swing but that doesn't make his feel invalid, it just makes them different and it makes him who he is.
  • (Regarding small groups) "They're talking, collaborating, asking questions to each other. It is so much more valuable than what I could tell them. It's someone in their shoes going through the same process."
  • "You've gotta find a way to communicate your knowledge but ultimately the only thing that matters is if the kids understand it."
  • You have to be able to customize your information and drills to each player because they're going to move different, have different size and strength and mobility. All that needs to be a factor in developing hitters.
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