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December 26, 2018  

Dr. Greg Rose- Co-Founder of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and OnBaseU

December 26, 2018

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I welcome Dr. Greg Rose of OnBaseU and the Titleist Performance Institute. We discuss the OnBaseU philosophy and program for improving the efficiency of baseball swinging and pitching, along with various data-based methods for improving baseball practice regimens. We also discuss the way data is becoming increasingly important baseball as it did in golf, and the possible reasons for the different approaches to data in these sports.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Dr. Greg Rose, of the Titleist Performance Institute


  • Analyzes swing movement in golf and now baseball for motor problems


  • TPI Philosophy

    • Not one way to pitch or hit
    • A more efficient way for everyone though to pitch or hit, based on what they can physically do
    • Technical problem or physical problem?
    • Mimicking others isn’t necessarily the way to improve your swing


  • TPI uses 3D motion capture to determine efficiency


  • Video can have some uses

    • How to draw information from the video; what is a sway?
    • How to do a screening for physical vs technical problems?


  • 13 characteristics to correct in young players

    • Most common problem: “no spacing”
    • Disassociation between lower body and upper body
    • Shoulder issues, laying the arm back


  • Difference between golf and baseball: not a common language

    • Creating a common language in baseball so medical, fitness, and coach can communicate better


  • Workshops work with online classes and 2 day live sessions


  • Developing coaching curriculums for non-professional leagues


  • What are the necessities for developing baseball competence and how is a year over year curriculum for baseball developed

    • Number one reason for quitting baseball: can’t catch!
    • So it’s important to learn catching early
    • Easier to develop athletic skills younger, technical skills older


  • Muscles are more tense for young; easier to develop speed


  • Strength training much easier during and after puberty, because of testosterone


  • “For every decade you’re alive, that’s the percent of your program that should be based on mobility”


  • With adults mobility based training, kids speed, power, generally


  • Swing isolation exercises can be strange at first, but start to work over time


  • Group dynamics when everyone has their own individual problem?

    • TPI testing always as a group
    • Often groups within group have similar problems
    • Individualized stations mixed with group in TPI program


  • One-on-one not necessarily better than group, but still necessary to attack individual problems


  • Swing look doesn’t matter; efficiency is what’s important


  • The Kinematic Sequence Graph

    • Energy moves from the ground to the bat to the ball, ideally
    • Something that’s taken over the golf teaching world is now bleeding into the baseball world


  • The measurement of data in baseball vs others


  • Formula 1 and Golf as manufacturer’s and individual’s sports with stronger technology, vs baseball, basketball, football as owner’s sports


  • Offering data makes players more comfortable and able to measure change over time


  • Teaching truth vs tradition in baseball

    • Teaching what worked for us vs teaching what works for players
    • Coaches who studied how to coach vs coaches who studied how to play


  • Blocked vs Random practices

    • Both show gains
    • Random practice more effective for learning


  • Where does Dr. Rose hope to see baseball in ten years?

3 Key Points:

  1.     Data-based approaches in baseball can offer important efficiencies that can improve swinging and pitching.
  2.  OnBaseU has found that one of its important tasks in baseball is to create a common language of technique for the entire support staff and team to speak in common.
  3.   The difference in data usage in sports like golf versus those like baseball might be due to the importance of manufacturers in the former versus the importance of owners in the latter.

Tweetable Quotes:

-     “One-on-one is not better than group; most kids, most adults prefer working out in group.” (35:30) - Dr. Rose  

-      “Our philosophy is there’s not one way to hit or one way to pitch, but there’s one efficient      way for everyone to hit or pitch.” - Dr. Rose (36:05)

-     “There are two types of coaches; coaches who have studied how to coach, and coaches who studied how to play.” - Dr. Rose (42:40)

-     “Some of the best coaches in the world never played professionally.” - Dr. Rose (44:05)

-      “The research is extremely clear that block practice allows somebody to perform better in       practice but it doesn’t make them learn like random practice does” - Dr. Rose (46:00)

-      “I believe a baseball player is like a Formula 1 car.” - Dr. Rose (49:30)

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