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December 20, 2018  

Robert Woodard- Pitching Coach, University of North Carolina

December 20, 2018

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I welcome Robert Woodard, pitching coach for the University of North Carolina. Robert walks us through what the training program at UNC looks like while sharing some of his best practices and he also shares what they look for on the recruiting trail.

Show Notes:


  • Guest: Robert Woodard, Professional Player turned Coach
  • Robert reveals how he develops his players and what a typical week looks like for his team
  • How Robert shuts-down pitching players
  • The analytics Robert is using to measure players against one another as well as themselves
  • Why the culture is important in a program and how you can build the leadership, team, and culture to be in alignment
  • How Robert recruits players to play in college
    • Important factors for a player to have: Time management, Responsibility of themselves, and Knowing how to fail.
  • Why Robert ¨messes with timing¨ with his pitching players
  • How Robert structures his recovery program
  • The importance of conditioning and how you need to structure it around your season
  • The best ways to develop ball command
  • Changes that are being incorporated into Robert´s program
  • Fun practices incorporated into each practice for the players


3 Key Points:

  1.   Robert´s experience with professional baseball and later coaching enables him to share baseball best practice with us.
  2.  When recruiting players for college, the soft skill like time management, being able to failure, and responsibility are just as important as skill.
  3.   It is always important to implement change into a program and reinvigorate players with new ideas and methodologies.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • ¨I don't really draw any hard lines. I keep an open mind and communicate with each pitcher. We need to communicate with each pitcher in terms of what his vision for his personal processes are.” – Robert (11:00)

-       “We trust our players. We give them a lot of leeway in terms of policing themselves, and maintaining our team standards, and maintaining that culture.¨ – Robert (20:40)

-      “The most successful players are the ones that look at failure as an opportunity to grow. They look at challenges as another opportunity to grow and they are open to trying new things as opposed to just getting somewhere and being stuck.

- Every player is going to fail or be challenged at some point in their career and you have to you have to be equipped to to handle it and embrace it.¨–Robert (24:14)

-    “[Messing with pitching timing] It's just another weapon that guys can use to get hitters out.¨–Robert (29:06)

-       “(On bullpens) It's not necessarily scripted, but it is it is ironed out. Whether it's establishing the fastball or their primary off speed pitch. Then we’ll finish with simulating counts.¨– Robert (36:50)

-    Command is a daily mindset. Every single throwing session our guys have they to throw targets, or to the glove, or it's checkpoints on the body.¨–Robert (44:18)

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