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October 4, 2018  

Pete Savage- Head Baseball Coach, Reno HS (NV)

October 4, 2018
  • We want to raise our competitive level as a tea above our talent level every year
  • Practice is the lifeline of our program. 
  • Our obligation as a coaching staff is to organize the most efficient competitive fun filled practice as possible 
  • If our jobs as coaches is just to go out and win a game we’re pretty short-sided
  • The most important skill we can teach our players is how to be a good teammate, because it translates to every other part of life.
  • Our players earn everything they have in our program
  • We're all doing the same things. BP, Arm Care, ground balls, but its HOW we do it. Thats the separator. 
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  • Ken Ravizza
  • John Savage
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