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September 13, 2018  

Hitting Round Table with Doug Latta, Curt Nelson, and Cody Atkinson

September 13, 2018
Doug Quotes
  • We dont chase results. We chase the ability to move in balance and take an effortless swing.
  • The human body is the strongest and most efficient in a position of balance. 
Curt Quotes
  • The more information we can spread about good swings, the more our game is going to progress in the right direction and especially for the players which is what its all about.
  • Timing is the most important thing, always
Cody Atkinson
  • We’ve got to learn to time for best fastball and adjust on the fly without taking panic swings.
  • An athlete will self organize if you give them the right things to focus on.


Doug Latta

Curt Nelson

Cody Atkinson

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