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August 30, 2018  

Keanon Simon- Head Baseball Coach, Mustang HS (OK)

August 30, 2018
  • We play wiffleball in the fall. One because its fun and two because it helps our kids be competitive. 
  • We chart with a point system in batting practice

    • 4 points for a home run
    • 3 for a gap shot
    • 2 for a line-drive 
    • You’ve got to hit the ball well to be able to get your points
  •  We have big brother/little brother program. Every senior gets 3-4 kids and the seniors have to communicate and and all expectations of the program.
  • (On player responsibility)  I tell our guys that we dont punish you, but we do hold you accountable to be a better man and a better baseball player.
  • Until we start scrimmages, all of our teams practice together. We break them up into 4 groups and they rotate around to 4 different stations coached by 2-3 different coaches. That way all of our players get coached by all of our coaches.
  • We all want our players to go out and be leaders, but what have we done to teach them what that looks like?
  • Its really hard to lead if you’ve never been taught
  • 7 keys to leadership
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