Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

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April 19, 2018  

Shaun Larkin- Coordinator of Skill Development for the Los Angeles Dodgers

April 19, 2018
  • Are you looking to increase practice performance or are you looking for skill transfer into the game?
  • We want to replicate the game as much as possible and help our players to determine what movement works best for them given their body type, flexibility and mobility and perception of whats happening in their environment.
  • If your in an environment where you aren’t learning, how do you expect to pass the test on game-day?
  • Until you explain the why to players and coaches, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do.
  • Create environments in practice where its ok to push yourself and to fail because that's where the learning happens 
  • We want optimization not just organization
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