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April 12, 2018  

34: Ben Brewster- Founder of Tread Athletics and Author of Building the 95 MPH Body

April 12, 2018
  • Training is a trial and error process
  • I was on the low part of the totem pole walking on in college, but it kept me hungry. I also got to see everyday that the other guys weren't superhuman. They were either just a little bit bigger, a little bit stronger, better mobility or better mechanics. It wasn't just a genetic thing.
  • You have the freedom to do things outside of practice. Most think its show up to practice, do what you're told and then leave. Everybody is doing that. So what differentiates you?
  • Gaining velocity is not an easy or linear process. Much of it is plateaus and you can't frustrated. You have to keep on trying, keep on failing,  keep on testing and keep on evaluating until you get through that plateau.
  • In college, we had a structured snack break before batting practice everyday to help guys gain weight. It was mandatory for everyone to bring something to eat for practice every single day.
  • There's this conventional baseball wisdom that says "if you aren't doing the exact same stuff as everybody else at every single moment of the practice, you aren't a team player." Baseball is an individual sport played within a team setting. For all of our kids to develop to their potential, they need an individualized program. If everyone develops to their potential, that's going to help the team win.
  • Most everything i tell the guys i work with is just a suggestion with an explanation behind why i'm suggesting it. Some things repeatedly work for some guys and don't work for others.
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