Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

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March 29, 2018  

Bryan Conger- Head Baseball Coach, Tarleton State University (TX)

March 29, 2018
  • Whatever it is in life you are going to do, you need to be fully engaged in it
  • We post everything. Either on social media for motivation and celebration or in the locker room so that kids always know where they stand. They also get to learn their game and how it can benefit the team.
  • At the end of every season when we look back, we never say "man i wish we had taken one more round of BP" But I have said "If we could have reached one or two more young men, that would have made the difference.
  • The better our kids get at the "life skills" part, the better baseball players they're going to be.
  • When you grow as an individual, all those around you automatically grow too. When you become more, we all become more.
  • Baseball is what you do, its not who you are. Who you are is far more important than what you do

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