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March 22, 2018  

Eugene Bleecker- Founder and Director of Player Development for 108 Performance (CA)

March 22, 2018
  • There's a difference between kids who play baseball and baseball players
  • More than anything we believe in individuals. We believe that the only thing you can do wrong as a coach/trainer is to make everyone do the same thing. We need to figure out what the players need and not just what it is that we want to teach them.
  • If we make it more about our players and less about our programs, were going to get more out of them as individuals and as a results were going to win more games.
  • There's 5 guys on every team that if they think “swing up” they’re going to have a bad season. There's also 5 guys that if they think “swing down” they’re going to have a bad season. We’ve gotta figure out what each guys needs Its not about the best “cue” its about getting the best results.
  • I grew the most in my career when I stopped looking for what everyone did the same and started looking for what they did different.
  • Players will not always say what you say but they will do what you do. If you aren’t their first example in life on who you would want them to be, then you need to do some things differently. You have a huge impact on them, as a coach, on how they are going to act as a man later in life.
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