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July 12, 2017  

Flint Wallace- Director of Player Development, Texas Baseball Ranch

July 12, 2017
Every throw you ever make is either helping your command or hurting your command.
Just because you are the best player on your high school team that doesnt mean that doesnt mean you're going to play in college. Go watch college games and see what those guys look like and see what that level of play truly is
Go find hall of famers of guys that have been all stars and have been healthy. Those guys 9 times out of 10 will be connected.
(on emulation) Guys in the latin countries are really good at that. They see Pedro and try and throw like Pedro, its definitely a benefit to them. They get to experiment and see how their body moves.
I dont want them to be robots and i dont want to have to tell them every single thing. I cant be out on the mound so at some point you have to figure it out yourself.
My job is to eliminate my job, to be your own best pitching coach.
We use the radar gun for average velocity. They may peak at 90 but their average sits at 86. If their average keeps creeping up, we know the plan we have in place is working. We try to collect as much data is possible
One of the most common problems we see now is that kids cannot make basic fundamentally sound movement patterns
When in doubt, always return to athleticism.
We need to better ourselves so we can better our players
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