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March 1, 2018  

28: Jozef Frucek- Founder of the Fighting Monkey Baseball Practice

March 1, 2018
  • I love baseball but it's something I had never done in my life. That allowed me to look from the outside and get a fresh look on why I think the best players are getting injured so much and what could be improved in their training.
  • Diversity breeds immunity. Every great system also creates great deficiency. 
  • Most people think strength is always the answer. But we believe there are many things that come before strength. We first work with coordination, then when we get more organized we find a rhythm. Then that rhythm leads us to more kinetic potential and kinetic potential leads to power exploration. Power exploration then leads us to strength training.
  • We want baseball players bodies to work in one rhythmic unit spending less energy on moving and putting more energy on where to react properly and making the right decisions.  
  • My background is in art, and what is the most important thing in art? Staying creative. We need to always stay creative and find new alterations
  • We all need to improve our training methods. We're kind of sleeping there because we have good training methods. What blocks us just being good to getting better? We need to be pushed to look past what is obvious.

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