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January 4, 2018  

20: Tom Held- Head Baseball Coach, Defiance HS (OH)

January 4, 2018
  • "We've been doing an overload and underload throwing program for 22-23 years. We call it the Nate Smith throwing program. We use a tennis ball, a softball, and a baseball."
  • We throw more than any program than i've ever run into. But i've always had the belief that we pitch too much and we dont throw enough.
  • We have a much higher focus on individual player development than team development.
  • We don't allow headphones in our program.That way they cant just sit there by themselves. They have to communicate and they have to talk to each other.
  • Everyday after practice we line up and shake hands with a firm handshake and looking each other in the eye. IF we had a bad day at practice or if we got onto a kid, we have a chance to read that kid and leave on a positive note.
  • Our culture is #1 and our alumni are a close second. I have a text group from every year from 99 on that we reach out to on a consistent basis. We have an alumni fantasy baseball league. We want them to stay involved because they’re the ones that build the program. The players are the reason any coach has success
  • In our program #1 is velocity, #2 is velocity and #3 is velocity. And the reason is that we've never had a kid that throws 80-82 that got a college scholarship. So that's our philosophy with player developmentt 

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