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December 28, 2017  

Kai Correa- Cleveland Indians MiLB Infield Instructor and Founder of #FridayFielders

December 28, 2017
  • I want them to be in competition with themselves to be perfect. That's the only way we're going to field at a really high clip and win games.
  • Some elements that I like to include every single day that I don't think coaches do enough of
          1. Stretching and catching regardless of position
          2. Stretching and picking regardless of position
          3. Catching infield fly balls (GB to FB ratio is 4 to 1 in MLB)
          4. Picking and tagging.
          5. Redirecting the baseball
  • I partner the old with the young. Its always an old guy and a young guy. I want to empower my older guys to provide input. Catch play, picks, footwork. Always an old guy with a young guy. I think that builds leadership, but I also think it builds ownership.
  • On purpose, every single week, I pick a part of practice to watch from the dugout. If ive done my job and we've truly built a unit, the show is going to go on without me. 
  • If you're not willing to have a dialogue with your players about why you're doing something, then you need to take a long look in the mirror to make sure that what you're doing is not just something that your comfortable with and that its the best way to do it.

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