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December 14, 2017  

17: Cody Atkinson- Hitting Coach, University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley

December 14, 2017
  • We call ourselves the valley boys. Because we represent the valley. We're getting out on that field every single day and sweating in this heat and working hard and doing all the extra things so when the valley comes and watches us play, they can be proud.
  • We have our players back and we continually let them know that we love them and are there for them
  • Are you an OKG?  Our kinda guy. I'm not a salesman. I'm going to show you everything we do and our vision with development focus. I'm going to get the guys that are in on this thing and the guys that arent, I don't want.
  • Culture coaches when the coaches aren't around. We're going to recruit personality and character before skill. We think we can take anyone and make them better.
  • We believe in having short, efficient practices. We come in, go as hard as we can, and leave. We don't condition because you should be so tired from practice 
  • We don't clone people here. We don't cookie cut. We try and help each player find his best swing.
  • You decide NOT to swing, you dont decide to swing. This is a HUGE deal for us.You step into the box swinging at the pitch
  • Hitters make themselves. We don't make them, They do the work and they stand in the box. We can help them but we dont make them.
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