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November 30, 2017  

16: Brent Robison- Pitching Coach, Tulsa Union HS (OK)

November 30, 2017
  • One of the first conversations we have is where does your arm hurt? We have to start with the pain
  • A lot of what we do is player led. Guys tend to figure out things more when they have to teach other people what the ultimate goal of the activity is. 
  • Every year i have someone who doesn't fit the ideal mold, so it keeps pushing me to try and reach everyone in the program.
  • If I have 13 pitchers, I should have 13 pitching programs.
  • Every time a bullpen is thrown, they're competing against someone for something. If we're asking them to compete in games, then practice should be a competition. 
  • Our goal has always been to help the players become better people. Learning life lessons will help them to become better baseball players.
  • Start looking at players as individuals. One size doesn't fit all, and one size doesn't even fit one guy for very long.
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