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November 2, 2017  

14: Ben Sartor- Pitching Coach, Flower Mound HS (TX)

November 2, 2017
  • There's a lot of pressure at Flower Mound high school. But it's pressure to not just do well, it's pressure to win, it's pressure to go deep in the playoffs and to get a division 1 scholarship.
  • We take 30 minutes a day in the fall to install the mental game, and it's crucial for us
  • If you make it fun the kids are going to have fun if you think it's boring the kids are obviously going to think it's boring.
  • We put a lot of pressure on our kids in practice which is more gamelike. We want them to be used to that pressure 
  • I am a big field guy, so if your offer still want you to get out the 300 get after it man. If you want to do that for days in a row, go. If you aren't feels good, feed it.
  • When it's game day, all I want you to do is compete. I don't wanna talk mechanics. Just go compete
  • Make the best job the one that you're at. You get to play baseball everyday. You get to hit fungo everyday. My son is a bat boy and they pay me to do it. I've got the best job in the world 


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