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October 5, 2017  

12: Craig Hyatt- Hitting Coach, East Valley HS (WA)

October 5, 2017
  • (on absolutes) To be fixated on one swing and not knowing the context of that swing is dangerous
  • I think elite hitters hit, and there's a variety of reasons why. sleep. diet. swing. mentality. That all adds up to make a great hitter. There are concepts that they have that arent many absolutes.
  • (on practice) I reverse my coaching. Instead of barking out cues, i let them work on their own with the plan that we put together and then take a player or 2 at a time individually. 
  • What i've noticed is kids get a little embarrassed when getting coached around kids, if we can keep it personal with them and build a plan that we can experiment and fail, they'll build some confidence.
  • We stop when they do something good and i ask "why was that good?" and that's how they start to learn
  • We create pressure and competition all the time, If things start getting bored of mindless, we drop what were doing and compete. We need to create situations in batting practice that we're going to see in a game.
  • We "hit" in games. Its not just a swing, we have to learn and trainer hitters too.
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