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August 29, 2019  

Ryan Phillips- Head Baseball Coach, Edmond Sante Fe HS (OK)

August 29, 2019






Suggested Title: Developing Players and Coaches with Ryan Phillips 

During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed Ryan Phillips, Head Coach for baseball at Sante Fe High School in Edmond, Oklahoma, who became the 2019 Oklahoma State Champs. Ryan shares how he helps develop team culture, improve the confidence of players, his passion for developing coaches, and how he adapts and makes the most of the one-hour practice limitations. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • How did Ryan Phillips get involved in baseball coaching?   
  • What does an average week of training look like? 
  • What are some of their training methods and drills for stealing bases?  
  • Which types of fundamental training do they offer for all of their players? 
  • How does Ryan handle developing their team culture? 
  • Ryan Phillips takes us through his process of coaching coaches. 
  • What are some different things they do to train for a competitive game situation?
  • How does Ryan adapt to one-hour practice training restrictions? 
  • Are there any questions while interviewing staff that he asks to figure out who the person is?  
  • What are the rules and standards that they have for their program? 
  • What does training look like in the spring?  
  • How do they go about handling their bullpens? 
  • Ryan Phillips talks about batting practice and lifting. 
  • What do post-season meetings look like? 
  • What advice does he have for first-year head coaches or assistant coaches that want to be head coaches? 
  • How does Ryan Phillips respond to parents asking questions about their kid? 
  • What is something that his players do in training that they love? 
  • Is there anything about Ryan’s training that would stand out to people?  
  • Is there something that Ryan Phillips has learned lately that has him really excited?  
  • What is something that Ryan Phillips believes that other coaches may disagree with?
  • What are some of Ryan Phillips’s favorite books and resources that have benefited his coaching? 


3 Key Points:

  1. Learn how to adjust as the season progresses. 
  2. Mental stability, mental toughness, and not pressuring kids about their mistakes is important to build confidence. 
  3. Communication is key between coaches and players. 


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “As a high school coach, once your season is over, seniors are gone, and then you start evaluating your next year’s class or next year’s team.” – Ryan Phillips (04:08)
  • “We base our fall off of our next year’s team. It’s not the same every year.” – Ryan Phillips (04:27)
  • “When the players see that we love each other and that even though sometimes we disagree we can get on the same page, I think that is the backbone of the culture.” – Ryan Phillips (14:26)
  • “When I’m trying to help a coach, I try to give him more responsibility. When it comes to responsibility, a lot of the times they surprise me and they do a really good job.” – Ryan Phillips (18:30)
  • “Everything we do you have a winner and a loser. So, it starts with the catch.” – Ryan Phillips (20:24)
  • “The hour-long practice, a lot of people don’t like it, and of course you would like to have a little bit longer. But, it’s made us more creative and more efficient.” – Ryan Phillips (24:22)
  • “Our first standard is you’ve got to do what’s right. That’s for your family, at school, that’s in baseball.” – Ryan Phillips (28:51)
  • “We learn from failure.” – Ryan Phillips (29:13)


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