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June 27, 2019  

Adrian Dinkel- Head Baseball Coach, Southeastern University (FL)

June 27, 2019

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During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interview Adrian Dinkel, Head Coach at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Coach Dinkel shares his wealth of experience in developing his team culture of accountability and not being afraid of opening up to players and setting firm expectations. Adrian also explains how he keeps his modes of baseball training competitive, builds up his player’s levels of responsibility, and establishes a respect for hard work.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why did Adrian Dinkel decide to get into coaching?

  • How does a typical week come across in Adrian’s system?

  • What are some ways that Adrian Dinkel gets training elements done faster?

  • Does Coach Dinkel rely on older guys helping the younger guys?

  • What are some things that players are doing when everyone is present in training?

  • How do they keep training competitive?

  • What are the different standards Coach Dinkel implements for the team culture?

  • How is Coach Dinkel developing his players and his assistant coaches?

  • What is Adrian looking for in staff during the interview process?

  • What are the rules that people need to do to be successful on the team?

  • How does Coach Dinkel prioritize individual development within players?

  • Are there ways to get the players to regulate themselves?

  • What does a typical week look like during the season for a starting player?

  • How does batting practice operate?

  • What are the routines for the weight room?

  • What does a post-season meeting look like with a player that is returning?

  • How can you communicate difficult feedback?

  • What advice does Coach Dinkel have for first-year head coaches?

  • What is the latest thing that Coach Dinkel is excited about using?  

  • How has Adrian gotten creative with his resources?

  • Which resources does Adrian Dinkel find the most useful?

3 Key Points:

  1. Coach Dinkel gives players more live randomized training instead of block training with instructions yelled out.  

  2. Coach Dinkel gets to know his players personally by sharing his personal life and having an open-door policy with them.

  3. There has to be an expectation to be great every day.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We assume that everybody knows nothing every single day. And so, we are constantly on them and sooner or later it becomes a routine and they start to hold each other accountable for it and they turn it into a game.” – Adrian Dinkel (05:07)

  • “We are trying to just teach them to be competitive and to support one another through selfless acts, whether it is picking trash or whatever we do.” – Adrian Dinkel (10:30)

  • “Your culture is set by your coaching staff and your players that are returning from the year before, sure. But it’s going to change with the 20 new transfers you have in the door.” – Adrian Dinkel (11:31)

  • “Number 1 is I want people that want to work, that aren’t afraid of work. I don’t want a guy that wants to be in the office at 9 and be out by 5.” – Adrian Dinkel (15:13)

  • “When you get into college baseball there are three things. You got your social, you got your academics, and you got you athletics. One of those has to disappear. Which one you think it’s going to be?” – Adrian Dinkel (20:47)

  • “We also make sure that we are communicating with them daily on, how do you feel? How does the body feel? How much work can we get in?” – Adrian Dinkel (29:36)

  •  “Don’t be afraid of discipline. Don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.” – Adrian Dinkel (34:47)
  • “I think the number resource still to this day is pick up the phone and call other coaches.” – Adrian Dinkel (40:04)

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