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June 20, 2019  

Lance Spigner- Head Baseball Coach, UA Rich Mountain and Former Head Coach at Horatio HS (AR)

June 20, 2019

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In this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I have a really useful discussion with Lance Spigner, the Baseball Coach at Horatio High School in Horatio, Arkansas. Coach Spigner walks us through his 28 years of coaching experience, shares how he goes about training his players for success, and what types of competitive efforts and events keep his players embracing a winning attitude and having fun on the field.

Show Notes:

  • Lance Spigner introduces himself and shares his background

  • What new challenge is Lance going to take on in his retirement

  • What does Coach Spigner’s fall training program look like

  • What is involved in the competition that Lance calls the “Dirt Bag Olympics’

  • How does their bat speed training methods work

  • What are some different competitions that Lance’s players engage in

  • How does the strategy of stickers for hit by pitches work

  • What are some different fundraising efforts that Lance’s team has used

  • What are rules and standards that Lance’s team implements for players

  • How many players are in Lance’s program

  • What does his BP set-up look like and how are they are grouped together

  • How does he get his team ready to peak at the right time

  • What advice would Coach Spigner give his younger self

  • What has Lance learned lately that has gotten him excited

  • Which resources have been beneficial to Coach Spigner

  • What training efforts are kids enthusiastic about

  • Set up your training program systematically and measure the results

3 Key Points:

  1. Coach Spigner’s team is known for winning with underdogs, player development, and trying to get the most out of everybody.

  2. Coach Spigner’s team embraced the identity of ‘dirt bags’ to help their country and rural area kids utilize a tough mindset.

  3. Enjoy the journey because suddenly you will blink, and it will be time to retire.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Everything we do, if we can, we turn into some kind of competition, because competition is fun, and that’s what you want out of your players.” – Lance Spigner (8:20)

  • “We’re going to be ‘dirt bags.’ And one of the things that is involved with that for us is we try to think that we’re tougher than you are.” – Lance Spigner (15:00)

  • “Our community has been spectacular and our administration too as far as supporting our program.” – Lance Spigner (16:59)

  • “We’ve found the easiest thing to do a lot of times with our fundraising is to go with some of the online fundraisers.” – Lance Spigner (19:06)

  • “The more written rules you have, the more rope sometimes you leave people to hang yourself.” – Lance Spigner (21:54)

  • “We throw all of our bullpens at the start of practice. We’ve done that now for I guess three or four years, and it has worked out really well for us.” – Lance Spigner (26:26)

  • “Make the ‘big time’ where you are.” – Lance Spigner (39:42)

  • “We love base running. The StealBases.com website and information that they have put out is tremendous.” – Lance Spigner (43:48)

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