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June 13, 2019  

Dave Therneau- Pitching Coach, Stetson University (FL)

June 13, 2019

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During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interview Dave Therneau, Pitching Coach at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. Coach Therneau has been named Collegiate Baseball’s Pitching Coach of the Year in 2018, and shares the advice that he has found beneficial in recruiting great pitchers, training players to be their best, and enhancing his hard-working team culture through internal motivation.


Episode Highlights:


  • Why did Dave Therneau decide to get into coaching?

  • What does day one look like during Dave Therneau’s program?

  • How does a typical week come across in Dave’s pitching system?

  • What are the most common problems that Coach Therneau notices?

  • Which player elements stand out positively to Dave Therneau during recruitment?

  • What exactly is the “hatter?”

  • How does Coach Therneau go about developing the culture of the team?

  • How does Dave motivate and keep his players competitive during training?

  • How does Dave Therneau prioritize individual development in a team setting?

  • What makes a good bullpen setting?

  • How does he develop command of the pitch?

  • What does a typical week look like during the season for a starting player?

  • What is the latest thing that Coach Therneau is excited about using?

  • Does he have fun traditions that his players enjoy engaging in?

  • Which resources does Dave Therneau find the most useful?

3 Key Points:

  1. Video of Coach Therneau’s pitchers helps to improve their delivery.

  2. Pitchers are only as good as their strike zone.

  3. Self-motivation can be accomplished by getting players to compete against themselves.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I always talk to them about conditioning the arm. They don’t play catch. I don’t believe in that…I don’t like using that term hear.” – Dave Therneau (10:04:)

  • “If you are trying to go ‘full go,’ whether it be on the mound, roaming short stop or center field…and you do that for a few games, and then you are not training in between, I think it puts kids at risk.” – Dave Therneau (13:38:)

  • “If you want to be a hard-working, tough group, which is what we are trying to build here, we’ve had that, you have to bring those types of kids in.” – Dave Therneau (20:18:)

  • “I try to get these guys to compete individually against themselves.” – Dave Therneau (23:02:)

  • “You are pretty much using 25-27 guys, If you think about a major league roster, I think it’s around that, 25-27. All of those guys are contributors and important pieces to the team.” – Dave Therneau (27:06:)

  • “Every pitch has a purpose.” – Dave Therneau (34:02:)

  • “If something works for a guy, I like to study why.” – Dave Therneau (45:34:)

  • “Teach the game and teaching routines, and I just hope that that is a focus, from all of us responsible for that in baseball, because as a college coach, sometimes we get kids that are unprepared.” – Dave Therneau (52:33:)


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