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47: JL Buchanan- Hitting Coach, Taft College (CA)

  • (on hitters) We need more guys that use the big parts of their body and use their stride foot with a purpose
  • Hitters have to test themselves and challenge themselves daily. That's what it takes to get better 
  • Sometimes hitters get caught up in the results from the weekend and, as a coach, i'm focusing more on on where they'll be in a few months.
  • We start every batting practice with gap to gap rounds. I don't want them trying to push balls oppo if I throw the ball inside
  • One of the ways we win games is by raising pitch counts early
  • I see a lot of programs that are training players to win games. But I want our players to excel at the next level.
  • Social Media
  • Youtube
  • Watching baseball games
  • Starting9
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46: Darrell Coulter- Mindset & Pitch Command Consultant, Creator of STARTT Pitching (MO)

  • The key to this for me is relationships
  • The first thing we have to do is understand what these kids are thinking. Once we understand what they’re thinking, then we can take our teaching methods and plug them in
  • Pitcher development is not a problem to be solved, its a bunch of individuals that we need to try to grow and be the best players they can be and go win games.
  • I think that bullpens can be the biggest waste of time ever. We need to have performance level bullpens and track to see if they can on throw with velocity, movement, and location on purpose.
  • The best way to save pitchers arms is to teach them to get hitters out faster
  • Of course I want my kids to throw as hard as they can, but i also want them to get hitters out. 
  • If your job is on the line, you want the kid who can execute pitches and give your team the best chance to win.
  • Competition is preparing for the things that have to go right, but at the same time preparing for uncertainty. That's what separates the best players.

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45: Rob Cooper- Head Baseball Coach, Penn State University

  • It pays to be a winner. And it pays to be a loser too, just not the kind of payment you want.
  • Competing does not just mean competing against another person, its also competing against yourself to get better.
  • You may be having a bad day but Ken (Ravizza) used to say all the time to “Give me 100% of your 50% today.” Thats competing. You’re making the choice to compete even though you don't feel great,
  • The power of choice is always there. The great ones make the right choices.
  • We believe that failure is an opportunity to learn. If something is hard that means only a few people are doing it.
  • Lets just say the kids today are different, well what if they are? Its our job as coaches to adapt and coach them.
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44: Randy Sullivan- CEO for Florida Baseball Ranch

  • Everyone wants to be data driven and science based but skill acquisition science is the science that all of this is undergirded by.
  • Its not that you should never use verbal cues its just that words mean different things for different people.
  • There’s no such thing as a best swing, they’re all snowflakes and every single one is different with some sort of variance. 
  • Instead of chasing repeatable mechanics, we need to learn to be real time adjusters.
  • Every time someone says “this is something everyone should do.” Then I’m out. There’s not much that everyone should do.
  • When you use variability to enhance command, you’re training adjustability.
  • Velocity, arm health, command and secondary stuff dont have to be mutually exclusive.
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